what is a silent second mortgage

Taking Out a Second Mortgage – Good Financial Cents –  · Pros of a Second Mortgage. Another (possible) pro of taking out a second mortgage is the ability to liquidate the equity in your home. If you are on the verge of bankruptcy, and you need to get access to cash to pay off high-interest loans and back taxes, taking a.

banks that finance manufactured homes Loans for older manufactured housing (how to buy a mobile. – There are three issues that come up with buying mobile homes or financing older manufactured housing that don’t usually affect traditionally-built homes: Few real estate lenders will finance.qualifications for hud loans To qualify for financing, the home must pass inspection by an FHA-certified appraiser, and it must be in a move-in ready condition on the day you close the loan. Many types of properties are eligible.

“Silent seconds” aren’t worth the time of day – The term “silent second” is used to describe self-serving or perhaps fraudulent schemes where house sellers accept second mortgages as part of a sale transaction, without the full knowledge of the.

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What is this Silent Second Mortgage Fraud? – BiggerPockets – Hey BP!If i have a private investor that is willing to lend me a down payment on a property how do you structure it to not consider it a silent secondHey BP!If i have a private investor that is willing to lend me a down payment on a property how do you structure it to not consider it a silent second

Silent Second Mortgage | Hcsc2013srr – A "silent second" is a second mortgage – a loan you take out in addition to your first mortgage. The "silent" part means that you don’t have to make monthly payments on it and in many cases, it doesn’t even accrue interest for up to five years.

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Alert service to warn banks of second mortgages – An alert service in which local banks will receive electronic notifications when homeowners take out a second mortgage will be provided by the Land Registry, according to a circular from the Hong Kong.

HUD QA Good Neighbor Next Door Program | HUD.gov / U.S. – HUD requires you to sign a Second Mortgage and Note on the discounted amount (which is $50,000 in the example above). No interest or payments are required on this "silent second" mortgage if you live in the home for the entire 36 month occupancy period.