Current Realtor Commission Rates

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In general, realtors earn about 5%-6% of a home’s selling price, paid only when the house is sold. However, like most things associated with real estate, the realtor’s fees and commission may be negotiated. The primary factor in determining realtor fees is the final cost of the house plus closing costs.

The average real estate commission in NYC is between 5% to 6% of the sale price. According to recent articles by the New York Times and The Economist, the national average real estate commission charged by real estate agents to sell a home stood at 5.4%. Real estate commission rates are the highest in Manhattan and nearby neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Pushy real estate agents. Many real estate agents take their jobs seriously, doing their best to find the best home for a given individual. Some, however, are simply in it for the commission. These agents tend to be pushy, driving you to buy a home above the price you can afford — or driving you to buy when you shouldn’t buy at all.

What do you get for your real estate commission? Nathan Letourneau, a real estate investor in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and western Wisconsin, says hiring a real estate agent helps his bottom line. "I use a real estate agent and I personally feel that a great real estate agent is well worth 6%.

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Real estate agents commission rates. Commissions charged to the seller(s) by Members shall be those set by CIREBA. Such charges shall be paid to the Listing Broker Member on the gross selling price. commission rate minimums are based on the gross listing price in the Listing Agreement.

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A controversy over disclosure of commission rates sheds light on choices many people don’t know they have as a buyer or seller.. Real Estate; 6% home-sale fee no longer sacred .