How To Build A New Home While Owning Another

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Another option you may have is to put 20 percent down on the new home. This allows you to use the projected fair market rents to offset your mortgage payment. As an example, let’s say the mortgage payment on your new property is $2,000 per month and the fair market projected rent for your current property is $1,800 per month.

Another option is to take out a home equity loan to cover the down payment while you wait for your house to sell. You take advantage of your existing equity to help you move up into a new house without having to wait for your old one to come off the market.

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 · A contingent offer is one in which you agree to buy the home if and only if your current home sells. With a contingent offer, you won’t have to worry about carrying two mortgages at once. That monthly debt will be gone by the time you close on your new mortgage. But this arrangement comes with some risks for the buyer.

A slowdown in home prices and sales makes selling less attractive, while rental prices for single-family homes increased 2.9 percent annually as of November 2018. Growing demand for rentals is overtaking the demand for new homes, and you might be able to capitalize on the trend.